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Through Dennis Publishings 34 distinct brands, we can reach your target audience. With quality content comes loyal readers, engagement, and an environment in which advertising gets results.

  • over 2.2 million magazines read each month
  • over 10 million unique users online each month
  • over 176 million online page impressions each month

Motoring Enthusiasts

Interests include - Cars, Travel, Gadgets, Environment

Dennis reach - 2,000,444 unique online users, 523,287 magazine readers

IT Decision Makers

Interests include - Business, Finance, Internet, Technology

Dennis reach - 1,217,292 unique online users, 135,116 magazine readers

Affluent Men and Women

Interests include - Current Affairs, Finance, Travel, Politics and Food

Dennis reach - 1,186,000 unique online users, 613,416 magazine readers

Early Adopters

Interests include - Technology, Internet, Gadgets

Dennis reach - 3,892,440 unique online users, 460,230 magazine readers

Style Seeking Young Men

Interests include - Entertainment, Gaming, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Gadgets

Dennis reach - 3,776,744 unique online users, 852,876 magazine readers