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Computer Shopper

Computer Shopper is the definitive IT buying guide with the highest standards of testing and journalism. Every month Computer Shopper delivers more reviews, more experts and more advice than any other computer magazine, to satisfy the needs of all technology PC buyers.

David Ludlow, Editor

The Magazine 

The UK’s highest selling IT monthly magazine on the newsstand for experienced home and small business buyers

Highly informative, buying focused and entertaining with no nonsense buying advice

More reviews, more experts and more advice each month than any other IT monthly making it the ultimate IT buying guide

Expert writers in each product category, Computer Shopper reviews more of every type of product at a level of detail other magazines can’t match

Guides the reader in their buying decisions

The Stats

    * ABC: 19,049 (Jul-Dec 14) (Cumulative circulation of print & digital editions)

    * 91% of readers pass on advice and recommendations about IT
    * On average they make 2.5 recommendations per week; allowing advertisers to attract the most vital person within the buying centre
    * The magazine is bought by people who are in the market to buy IT equipment there and then, providing advertisers with active purchasers and a responsive buying environment
    * 77% of Computer Shopper readers are involved with purchasing or specifying computer products for their company
    * 75% of Computer Shopper readers have purchased directly from an advert seen in the magazine proving the effectiveness of the magazine

Source: Purchase Intention Survey 2007

A Unique Advertising Opportunity Computer Shopper is the biggest technology magazine, and has informed readers that are looking to purchase products immediately. The readers rely on the magazine to guide them in their buying decision. Computer Shopper will provide you with access to the largest number of IT consumers buying for both home and small business in the UK. This gives you the advertiser, the best possible route to market to develop brand awareness and generate direct response. Computer Shopper will provide you with the ultimate platform to reach affluent consumers interested in technology who will continue to purchase IT products despite the economic restrictions. This will ultimately deliver you a safer option to get a good return on investment.

Display Rates

Series 1 3 6 12
DPS £6,865 £6,694 £6,521 £6,181
Page £3,889 £3,792 £3,696 £3,500
Half Page £2,548 £2,485 £2,422 £2,294

Classified Rates

Series 1 3 6 12
Sixteenth £380 £371 £362 £344
Eighth £597 £582 £567 £539
Quarter £1,031 £1,006 £981 £933
Quarter £2,371 £2,259 £2,144 £2,085

Product Specifications

Size Type (mm) Trim (mm) Bleed (mm)
DPS Please supply two pages to the "Full Page" specs
Page 275 x 185 297 x 210 303 x 216
1/2 PG Vertical 275 x 95 - -
1/2 PG Horizontal 135 x 185 - -
1/4 PG Vertical 135 x 90 - -
1/4 PG Horizontal 68 x 185 - -
1/8 Page 88 x 54 - -
1/16 Page 42 x 54 - -

Copy Requirements

Hi-res composite PDF 350 dpi.

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