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"Custom PC aims to provide an authoritative, witty and high-quality magazine for PC hardware enthusiasts, covering topics such as modding, overclocking and gaming, while also exploring the wider world of technology, from digital rights to new scientific developments. Rather than purely focusing on product news and reviews that are already widespread on the Internet, Custom PC also aims to provide its readers with hard-hitting analysis, features and in-depth tutorials that they can't find elsewhere."

Ben Hardwidge

The Magazine 

The Magazine

Custom PC is a modern, aspirational PC magazine that covers technology trends not found in the traditional PC press and talks directly to the growing performance hardware and modding community.

Every month Custom PC includes unique hardware tutorials, in-depth features, definitive hardware reviews, hard-hitting analysis and definitive reviews of cutting-edge hardware. Its independent, entertaining and technically rigorous editorial, comprehensive labs tests and customised benchmarks provide readers with clear buying advice.

Custom PC inspires its readers and this is reflected in the amount of time they invest in their PCs. After reading the magazine, 59% of readers do more performance tuning, 64% build more PCs, 52% overclock more often and 23% play more games*. Custom PC is also a trusted and authoritative source, with 98.3% of readers rating the magazine as trustworthy.

*Source: Reader Survey 2012

Custom PC - the enthusiasts' brand

Custom PC is a powerful and recognisable brand amongst PC and technology enthusiasts, and we are constantly looking at new ways to engage with readers. This provides our advertisers with more focused marketing opportunities as the community created by Custom PC continues to grow. The following are some of the methods we provide:

Independent events, such as the Custom PC Pub Quiz (, give the magazine's editorial team a unique opportunity to interact with its readers, while also providing a great venue for targeted sponsorship.

The Custom PC Folding@home team is at number 7 on the world leader board ( Combining the power of thousands of readers' CPUs and GPUs, this huge distributed computing force enables readers to compete for computing prowess, while also performing valuable medical research.

The Custom PC Awards, which celebrate the finest products and companies in the UK.

Custom PC's Readers' Drives section has been running since the start of the magazine, giving one reader per issue the chance to show off their PC crafting skills, while also receiving several prizes from our sponsors.

All of the Custom PC brand extensions are available for sponsorship giving advertisers a unique way to brand themselves to potential customers.

* ABC: 9,428 (Jul-Dec 14)

* 32 year old ABC1 male.

* Regular purchaser of high-end PC hardware and gaming software with a desire to have the fastest, coolest and best-looking PC for home use and LAN parties.

* On average will build 2-4 PCs every five years, so is constantly purchasing various components and peripherals for individual PC requirements.

* Custom PC readers are the opinion formers and innovators in the PC industry. They want to know the best hardware to purchase, and use Custom PC to help them make this decision.

* Hungry consumer of PC information, rather than just wanting to buy a one-off computer: the average reader has already been reading the magazine for 1-3 years.

*Not only interested in hardware, but also the wider issues surrounding technology, such as digital rights, scientific research and game development. 89% of our readers say that the magazine publishes interesting features.

Source: Custom PC Reader Survey 2012

A Unique Advertising Opportunity
Custom PC provides advertisers with an untapped, lucrative, loyal and passionate readership who frequently buy new hardware to keep their PCs at the cutting-edge. 65% of our readers have purchased products/services as a result of having seen them advertised in the magazine in the past 12 months. Custom PC speaks directly to this key audience not served anywhere else in the PC press, who invest a great deal of time, money and energy into their PCs.

Display Rates

Series 1 3 6 9 12
DPS £4,150 £3,725 £3,818 £3,652 £3,486
Page £2,167 £2,081 £1,998 £1,911 £1,821
Half Page £1,148 £1,103 £1,057 £1,011 £965

Classified Rates

Series 1 3 6 9 12
Page £2,067 £1,985 £1,902 £1,819 £1,736
Half Page £1,094 £1,050 £1,006 £962 £917
Quarter Page £629 £600 £575 £550 £535
Eighth Page £417 £406 £396 £385 £376
Sixteenth Page £258 £252 £243 £235 £229

Product Specifications

Size Type (mm) Trim (mm) Bleed (mm)
Page 287 x 218 300 x 230 306 x 236
Half Page Vertical 287 x 105 300 x 110 306 x 116
Half Page Horizontal 138 x 218 146 x 230 153 x 236

Copy Requirements

Hi-res (300 dpi) PDF - Colour Mode - CMYK - PDF Setting - PDF-x1a

Custom PC Events

Custom PC now gives advertisers the opportunity to interact with our audience through co-branded events. This gives advertisers an opportunity to receive live feedback from Europe’s most passionate PC enthusiasts and delivers companies unparalleled coverage. The readers are encouraged to generate content through blogs and forums both pre and post event.

For advertisers wishing to create greater brand awareness and be seen as thought-leaders within the enthusiast sector, Custom PC Events is an excellent opportunity to place your company at the top of the components and peripherals sector. 

To see an example of events that are possible, please visit