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Land Rover Monthly

LAND ROVER MONTHLY is the magazine for all Land Rover owners. Written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, it covers every aspect of the Land Rover movement, from off-roading to overland adventures, but with a  special emphasis on restoring, modifying and maintaining these diverse vehicles. The legendary LRM Technical section is the best and biggest in the business. LRM is also the market place for anyone interested in buying or selling a Land Rover.

Dave Phillips, Editor

The Magazine 

Since being launched in 1998, LRM has grown steadily to occupy a very strong position in the Land Rover market. We pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of well informed, entertaining content with something for everyone and this attracts a readership who actively purchase, modify, restore and maintain Land Rovers. Each month we cover modified vehicles, technical topics including full vehicle rebuilds, travel and expedition stories, classic Land Rovers, the global scene and buying and selling. The magazine is sectionalised to ensure that each area of interest is covered in the best way possible and our classified section is second to none. The social side of the movement is hugely important and LRM's team of writers are well known and active in all areas of the Land Rover world.


The Market

Land Rover has been the dominant 4x4 vehicle in the world since the marque was launched, and its appeal and reputation continues to grow. Owners and enthusiasts are continually modifying and customising their vehicles as well as carrying out DIY repair and servicing or visiting local independent specialists.

As many as 60% of all Land Rovers ever built are believed to still be on the road and worldwide enthuiast interest spreads from restoration and renovation of the oldest, 1948 Land Rovers to straight out of the showroom Discoverys and Range Rovers.

The market for accessories and add-ons continues to grow as newer Land Rovers fall in value to affordable levels for enthusiasts who then want to customise them to their own requirements - you'll never see two Land Rovers the same.


A Unique Advertising Opportunity The continued growth in readership of LRM during more than 11 highly successful years of publishing has led to more than 200 businesses regularly promoting their products and services in each issue. LRM’s steady growth in all areas is a clear indication of the magazine’s effectiveness in the market place.

ABC: 21,314 (Jul-Dec 14)

The Land Rover Monthly reader is passionate about his Land Rover and spends a lot of time and effort ensuring it remains in good condition for whatever they use it for - whether that be for business or pleasure. Multiple ownership of Land Rovers is common amongst the readership, with many owners running a late model Discovery or Range Rover alongside an earlier Land Rover. A significant minority will also have a number of 'projects' on the go at any one time. LRM readers look for value for money, but most spend a significant proportion of their disposable income on what, to them, is their passion. What is more, the number of readers of LRM continues to grow - the fact that Land Rover Monthly is the fastest growing magazine in the market is a testament to the strength of the product.

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