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Micro Mart

Micro Mart's aim is to inform, entertain and involve enthusiasts of all ages and to share our passion for computing with them in a humanised, opinionated and accessible manner.

Anthony Enticknap, Editor

The Magazine 

Since its launch in 1985, Micro Mart has been the first place users look for the UK's best and most up-to-date computer deals. Micro Mart is the ONLY IT consumer weekly in the UK and sells more copies over the month than ANY other response driven title - over 1 million issues sold every year. Micro Mart’s substantial editorial content - over 90 pages minimum each week – covers news, reviews, features, group tests and technical help.

The magazine's personality-driven style reflects the dozens of writers from across the country who contribute to it, and it allows us to bring in lively debate, bad jokes and up-to-the minute tech opinions. This is all backed up by a thriving online community, with thousands of readers directly interacting with the magazine’s writing team.

In short, it's a weekly home for computer enthusiasts, regardless of age, location or expertise. It's fast, responsive, and - over 20 years after it launched – still the place that enthusiasts look first.
The Product

* The only weekly consumer computing magazine.
* A4 format.
* Weekly frequency.
* £2.00 cover price.

ABC: 6,212 (Jul-Dec 14) * Established in 1985.
A Dynamic Market

* Highly responsive, technical, enthusiast audience, brought together by the 'community' feel of the magazine.
* Actively seeking to purchase technology products, not afraid to hunt down the most interesting deals and ask the most challenging questions.
* High reader interaction and involvement, from the printed page right through to the lively reader forum, offering a much more engaging marketing solution. Micro Mart offers a conversation, not a lecture.

The Reader

* A broad age demographic: Micro Mart involves youngsters getting into computing alongside more mature readers united by their passion for technology.
* Always actively looking to spend on IT kit - 57% of readers have purchased from an advertisement*.
* Hugely influential: Micro Mart readers regularly advise others about their IT purchases, many buy to build for friends and family.
* Constantly investing in IT components as they build on average 7 PC's per year*.

*Source: Reader Survey 2008

A Unique Advertising Opportunity

On the newsstand every Thursday, Micro Mart offers a unique opportunity to get your business in front of over 17,552 responsive PC enthusiasts. Offering opinions, features, news and reviews – it’s fast competitive, cost-effective and it’s read by an informed audience who are always looking to spend – with 3 readers per copy* that’s more than 52,000 potential customers every week. There’s simply no magazine like it.

*Source: Reader Survey 2006

Display Rates

Ad Page 1-3 4-12 13-26 27-40 41-52
Eighth Page £125 £118 £112 £106 £100
Quarter Page £210 £199 £189 £179 £170
Half Page £375 £356 £338 £321 £304
1 Page £700 £665 £631 £599 £569
2 Pages £1,275 £1,211 £1,150 £1,092 £1,037
3 Pages £2,244 £2,019 £1,817 £1,635 £2,1471

Classified Rates

Inside Front Cover £880
Inside Back Cover £805
Back Cover £1,000

Product Specifications

Size Type (mm) Trim (mm) Bleed (mm)
DPS Please supply two pages to the "Full Page" specs
Page 270 x 190 297 x 210 303 x 216
1/2 PG Vertical 270 x 90 - -
1/2 PG Horizontal 130 x 190 - -
1/4 PG Vertical 130 x 90 - -
1/8 Page 60 x 90 - -

Online Rates

Type Price
Cost per '000 page impressions
Cost per '000 page impressions
Cost per '000 page impressions
Cost per '000 page impressions
Cost per '000 page impressions
Eyeblaster/TangoZebra Overlays Toasts
Cost per '000 page impressions
Cost per '000 page impressions
Popup Windows
Cost per '000
Email Newsletter Sponsorship
Cost per Newsletter
Email List Rental
Cost per '000

NB. A surcharge applies for all targeted and expandable inventory. Ad serving costs not included in the above rates.

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