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Octane effectively taps into the zeitgiest of the classic car world; the people, the events, the action, the excitement. Since its launch, Octane has set new standards for its authoritative and detailed features on a diverse range of machines, from million dollar Ferraris to Le Mans winning Bentleys.

Robert Coucher, Editor

The Magazine 

Octane is the leading quality monthly magazine that focuses on the world's greatest classic and performance cars. Octane's experienced editorial team draws on the skills of international personalities, motoring journalists, racing drivers, historians, automotive experts and photographers to create what is now described as being 'the best classic car magazine in the world'.

Through its personal contacts, Octane road and track tests the rarest and most valuable historic sports cars that are not available to other motoring magazine, as well as the finest motor cars. Octane covers other good things in life that appeal to its well-heeled readers.

* The classic car market is now a multi-billion pound global industry. In particular the quality end of the classic car market, which Octane serves, is booming, where individual cars sell for over £2 million apiece.

* More wealthy individuals than ever now want to drive, show, collect and race important classic cars as part of an exciting lifestyle along with yacht racing, polo, horse racing, etc.

* Britain is the second biggest centre for the classic car industry after America, but it is arguably the hub of expertise and skill for historic racing cars and ultra-exclusive classic automobiles. The classic car business in the UK alone is worth over £2.5billion per annum, according to the British Federation of Historic Vehicle Clubs, led by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.

* Octane magazine includes coverage of new performance cars that appeal to wealthy opinion formers who are very serious about all things automotive including current luxury and performance cars, classic cars, motor racing, automobilia, books, historic events, international concours and collecting.

* 12 monthly issues, space reservation 1st Wednesday of the month, on sale 4th Wednesday of the month.


* 45-55-year-old well-educated male.
* Average income per annum: £76,039.
* Quality readership - 65% ABC1, 60% AB.
* Average stock holding value (excluding fixed assets such as their homes and cars): £142,358; 12% have over £1million.
* Average spend on a watch £1,619; 25% spends in excess of £3,000 on a watch.
* Octane provides access to an otherwise hard to find audience of car enthusiasts in the UK and worldwide.

Source: Octane Readship Survey 2011

ABC: 38,117 (Jul-Dec 14) 

A Unique Advertising Opportunity

The quality of the Octane reader is unmatched by any other UK motoring publication. The environment created by Octane attracts wealthy individuals that have the time and money to indulge their passion for historic motoring and satisfy their desire for the finer things in life. As a group of opinion-formers, their ability to influence the buying decisions of many others is a key attraction to advertisers.

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Page size 1 insertion 6 insertions 12 insertions
DPS £4,180 £3,480 £3,270
Page £2,260 £2,150 £2,030
Half Page £1,250 £1,210 £1,030
Quarter Page £740 £630 £580

Dispay - Premium Positions

Size 1 insertion 6 insertions 12 insertions
1st DPS £4,520 £4,300 £3,890
Inside Back Cover £2,530 £2,320 £2,100
Outside Back Cover £4,770 £4,460 N/A
Page (facing matter) £2,840 £2,550 £2,340


Page size 1 insertion 6 insertions 12 insertions
Page £1,300 £1,100 £1,000
Half Page £750 £690 £640
Quarter Page £480 £430 £370
Eighth Page £270 £240 £210

Additional Services

Service Cost
Bleed 10% extra
Guaranteed Position 15% extra
Loose Inserts single sheet £45 per 1000
Classified Single Column £40

Product Specifications

Size Type (mm) Trim (mm) Bleed (mm)
DPS 256 x 418 285 x 444 295 x 464
Page 256 x 196 285 x 222 295 x 232
1/2 PG Vertical 256 x 96 - -
1/4 PG Vertical 126 x 96 - -
1/8 PG 61 x 96 - -

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