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PC Pro is the most influential IT brand in the UK. PC Pro enables millions of professional PC users to make the best possible IT decisions through a unique blend of definitive labs-based reviews, provocative and entertaining features and real-world advice from real-world consultants.

Tim Danton, Editor in Chief

The Magazine 

Every month, PC Pro's team of experienced journalists deliver more news, reviews and advice than any other PC magazine.

PC Pro reviews more business hardware and software than all of the other PC monthlies combined, and represents the first stop for any serious technology vendor looking for a definitive and independent analysis of its products and services.

ABC: 31,176 (Jul-Dec 14) (Cumulative circulation of print & digital editions)

Aimed at IT decision makers and PC enthusiasts, PC Pro targets the biggest spenders in the UK market.

As PC Pro offers the highest spending and most responsive audience in the UK, it remains the most popular choice for IT advertisers.

Read by experienced, educated PC users and early technology adopters.

90% of PC Pro readers pass on recommendations/advice about computers and IT to friends/family/colleagues.

83% are involved in purchasing/specifying/recommending of computer products for their own company and or on behalf of clients.

53% have a household income of over 50K.

Readers have an average IT budget of £1.2 million.

Average household income £54,800.
Average age 38.
96% Male.
93% are IT decison-makers for their business.
87% have purchased hardware via the internet.
90% have purchased software.

A Unique Advertising Opportunity

PC Pro is the first choice for resellers and vendors in the UK because not only does it allow advertisers to target high spending readers with both business and consumer needs, but it reaches a highly influential readership that helps to shape the UK market. Quite simply, PC Pro provides the most powerful means of building brand and delivering response for any serious builder and seller of PC technology.

For all your marketing needs:
PC Pro communicates with over 1.2 million IT professionals and enthusiasts every month. In whichever way you choose to reach out to your potential customers, PC Pro can help you to target the right people. Here are some of the ways PC Pro is helping advertisers talk to the market:

    * Print advertising
    * Online advertising
    * Advert design
    * Video tutorials
    * Customer publishing
    * Events and seminars


Display Rates

Series 1 3 6 12
1st DPS n/a £10,931 £10,150 £9,625
DPS £8,745 £8,555 £8,120 £7,700
Page £4,425 £4,310 £4,195 £3,980

Classified Rates

Series 1 3 6 12
Eighth £690 £672 £648 £622
Quarter £1,325 £1,289 £1,262 £1,210
Half £2,615 £2,550 £2,480 £2,350

Product Specifications

Size Type (mm) Trim (mm) Bleed (mm)
DPS Please supply two pages to the "Full Page" specs
Page 289 x 182 297 x 210 303 x 216
1/2 PG Vertical - 275 x 95 -
1/2 PG Horizontal - 135 x 185 -
1/3 PG Vertical - 272 x 59 -
1/4 PG Horizontal - 60 x 175 -

Copy Requirements

Hi-res composite PDF 300 dpi Format colour mode - CMYK PDF settings - Pass4Press or PDF x 1a. All copy to be provided as PDF via ISDN or CD. We can also accept JPEG, TIF or Photoshop EPS.

Online Rates

Type Price
Cost per '000 page impressions
Cost per '000 page impressions
Cost per '000 page impressions
Cost per '000 page impressions
Cost per '000 page impressions
Eyeblaster/TangoZebra Overlays Toasts
Cost per '000 page impressions
Cost per '000 page impressions
Popup Windows
Cost per '000
Email Newsletter Sponsorship
Cost per Newsletter
Email List Rental
Cost per '000

NB. A surcharge applies for all targeted and expandable inventory. Ad serving costs not included in the above rates.

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