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The Week

Three words sum up The Week: witty, intelligent, objective. In its simplest sense, The Week is a unique and witty digest of the best writing from the British and foreign press. Taking just over an hour to read, The Week brings the reader up-to-date with current affairs at home and abroad.

"The trick of editing The Week is in achieving the right tone, in getting the selection right and ensuring the approach is a balanced one."

Jeremy O'Grady, Editor-in-Chief

The Magazine 

A quirky mixture of hard practical information and commentary on one hand to the most interesting houses and the best tabloid gossip on the other, the selection of material ensures The Week has a clear editorial voice and spirit of its own.

At the heart of the magazine is news, both UK and international, accounting for nearly half of the pages. Other sections covered include leisure (food, wine and travel), the arts (theatre, cinema and book reviews) and the City (financial commentary and a regular sharewatch).

The brainchild of Jolyon Connell, ex-Sunday Telegraph deputy editor; The Week is a combination of information and entertainment, delivering everything from briefings about important topical issues, to what happened in The Archers. The quality of writing underpins the magazine's success. The Week's Editor-in-Chief Jeremy O'Grady, part of the founding team, is an author and former film censor and works closely alongside a talented editorial team and a wealth of experienced contributors.

The Facts

* The Week has enjoyed phenomenal circulation growth. The Jul - Dec 12 ABC figure of 194,121 represents its 29th consecutive increase.
* The Week is the UK's highest-selling weekly subscription magazine.
* It offers a highly targeted audience and access to of some of the most affluent opinion-formers in the country today. People who have money to spend on enjoying life, who love the arts and travel, who are well paid and have influential jobs. For any upmarket advertiser, this is a crucial and important audience.

The Week is the definitive news aggregation publication, providing a concise and insightful roundup of everything that matters in the world.

Audience is made up of affluent professionals, with 22% of readers holding senior managerial positions and 10% at C-Level. 

24% of readers work for companies with 1,000+ seats.

62% of readers are involved in IT purchasing decisions.

25% of readers earn over £80,000 per annum.

Why use The Week?

With a current subscription base of 150,000, The Week boasts the most loyal readership of affluent opinion - formers in the news weekly market. No other magazine offers access to such an elite audience.

ABC: 200,096 (Jul-Dec 14)
ABC Digital Subscriptions: 27,627 (Jul-Dec 14) 


* 50% male, 50% female readership.
* Overall readership of 368,000
* 69% AB profile.
* The readership core is aged between 35-54, at the peak of their profession and earning power.

Source: NRS July 12 - June 13


Spending Power

* Readers of The Week have an average annual income of £100,482.
* 59% of The Week readers are board directors.
* 24% have a net worth of £1 million or more.

Source: BBS 2011

Display Rates

Premium Positions  
Page size Cost
Inside Front Cover DPS
Outside Back Cover £6,271
2nd DPS £11,418
1st Right Hand Page £6,010
Facing Briefing £5,879
Guaranteed Front Half
Guaranteed Editorial Section £5,749
1st Advertiser in Category £5,749
Run of Book  
One page facing editorial £5,226
One page facing editorial Special Position £5,696
Double page spread £9,929
Double page spread Special Position £10,823

Marketplace Rates

Page size Cost
1/32 (28mm x 42mm) £250
1/16 (60mm x 42mm) £460
1/8 (60mm x 86mm) £840
1/4 (123mm x 86mm) £1,525
1/2 (123mm x 175mm) £2,775


Type Cost
Loose £96 per '000
Bound £216 per '000

Product Specifications

Size Type (mm) Trim (mm) Bleed (mm)
DPS 275 x 395 297 x 420 303 x 426
Page 275 x 185 297 x 210 303 x 216
1/2 PG Vertical 275 x 90 - -
1/2 PG Horizontal 135 x 185 - -
1/2 Page DPS 135 x 395 148 x 420 151 x 426

Copy Requirements

Hi-res composite PDF 350 dpi