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Web User

“Web User is the UK’s indispensable guide to getting more from the internet. Every fortnightly issue is packed with fantastic new websites, expert PC tips, brilliant web advice, money-saving tips, product reviews, amazing apps, and the best free software."

Daniel Booth, Editor

The Magazine 

Circulation: 29,057 (ABC Jul-Dec 14) (Cumulative circulation of print & digital editions)

Core target: Adults 25-55 78% male

Web User is the world’s only magazine for people who live and breathe the internet.  It makes advanced tips easy to follow, explains brilliant new ways readers can do things better and faster online. We have loyal, web-loving readers who are eager to know the best new software, websites, apps and products they should try and buy.

83% like to keep up with developments in technology
85% agree advertising has made them more aware of new technology products on the market
Spend on average 99 hours a month online compared to the national average of 18 hours
98% have a broadband connection
53% would like their home to be totally wireless
89% think that protecting their pc from infection is very important
98% use anti virus security software
81% use the internet for purchasing products
91% agree you can get better deals online than in the high street
19% either run, own or are key decision makers in a small/medium sized business

Page Run of magazine (ROM) £1,945
Page front half (FH) £2,042
Inside front cover: £2,246
Inside back cover: £2,144
Outside back cover: £2,348
Double page spread: £3,501
Half page (ROM) £1,070

Our readers turn to the Market Place at the back of the magazine specifically to purchase products and services. Ideal if you want to sell off the page!
Whole Page: £1,000
Half Page: £550
Quarter Page: £305
Eighth Page: £175

Banners £20 CPM
Buttons £10 CPM
Skyscrapers £25 CPM
MPU’s £25 CPM