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Women's Fitness

Women’s Fitnessis the ultimate health and fitness title for the modern, busy woman who wants to look and feel her best. It has cemented itself as the fastest-growing female magazine on the newsstand. With a down-to-earth, realistic approach, it appeals to women of all ages, shapes and sizes with its friendly, positive voice that women really trust. Its renowned expert panel and in-house team of passionate writers offer informed and supportive advice for achievable and desirable results.

Joanna Knight, Editor

The Magazine 

Here at Women’s Fitness, we’re on a mission to make women feel great! Packed with the latest healthy eating research, workout trends and expert wellbeing tips, Women’s Fitness is your monthly guide to living a better, balanced life.
We don’t believe in fad diets or punishing regimes, so expect short-and-sharp workouts, healthy, tasty food that’s a cinch to prepare, and brilliant life advice you’ll want to share with friends. In every issue, you’ll find smart solutions to fit in your life now. It’s your one-stop shop for a healthy body and healthy mind.

The product

Launched in 2006, it is the fastest-growing health and fitness title in the UK
ABC: 16,334 Combined Print & Digital (Jul - Dec 14)
Cover price: £3.80
Readership: 175,000
A4 glossy, perfect-bound magazine
Core topics: fitness, training, nutrition
Digital magazine available online and via the iPad

Average Age 32 years
87% ABC1
76% exercise three or more times a week
71% are members of a gym
89% exercise outdoors
Readers have an average of 3 different fitness activities they regularly pursue
Readers spend an average of £400 a year on vitamins and supplements
18% work in the health & fitness industry
89% would like to learn more about the health & fitness courses that are available
85% intend to go to a spa based holiday within the next 12 months
91% holiday abroad each year
34% consume 3 or more sports drinks in a week
64% stated ‘running’ as their most regularly pursued fitness activity
96% of readers incorporate some form of running within their fitness regime

DPS- £4700
Page- £2600
Half - £1430
Cover sites – Plus 30%    
Series Booking- 10% discount applicable

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Online Rates

Type Price
(728 x 90)
£20 per '000
(120 x 600)
£20 per '000
Super Sky
(160 x 600)
£22 per '000
(300 x 250)
£25 per '000
Double MPU
(300 x 500)
£30 per '000
Overlay £28 per '000


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