The Week launches weekly podcast The Week Unwrapped

Published at, 1st March 2017

– Olly Mann joins The Week team as host of new podcast on  –

The Week, Dennis’s award winning current affairs brand, has launched a brand new current affairs podcast: The Week Unwrapped, presented by Olly Mann.

Each week, the radio presenter joins The Week’s expert editorial team to delve into the most important stories from the past seven days – but not necessarily the ones that have been grabbing all the headlines.

A familiar voice to podcast fans in the UK and beyond, Mann created Answer Me This with Helen Zaltzman a decade ago and has since launched The Modern Mann and The Media Podcast. He has also presented documentaries for BBC Radio 4.

Mann said of joining the show: “I’m a huge fan of podcasting and it’s been really exciting to see the boom in storytelling,” he says. “But most of the podcasts I really enjoy listening to are of the sort where there’s three people sitting around talking about stuff.”

After an eventful start to the year, there has been no shortage of material for the team to talk about. In the first few episodes alone they’ve asked:

  • Why were the Victorians so pleased with themselves?
  • Could self-driving cars ruin our lives?
  • Do we need more or less democracy?
  • Will Melania make a better first lady than Michelle?

Holden Frith, Editor of, and regular guest on The Week Unwrapped said: “The Week is in an unrivalled position to survey the current affairs landscape, and the podcast allows us to chew over stories in a more informal way.”

Each half-hour episode features three of The Week’s writers, who kick off their discussions with a thought-provoking audio clip.

“There’s very little of the partisan posturing you get on other news discussions,” Frith says. “What you get instead is an informed, free-ranging conversation between The Week’s writers and editors – and of course Olly Mann keeping us all in order.”

Already a fan of The Week, Mann was keen to join the team and broaden his experience of current affairs broadcasting.

“I made my name on Answer Me This, a comedy podcast, where I’m essentially playing a version of myself when I was 25,” he says. “It’s fun and I enjoy it, but it’s not necessarily who I want to be now.”

On The Week Unwrapped, he says, he can “flex the muscles [he] would be using on Radio 4” – but in a format with even more impact.

“Radio is the most intimate of all the media platforms and podcasting really takes that up a gear,” he says. After all, while people might half-listen to the radio because it happens to be on, downloading a podcast is a deliberate act: “People have chosen to listen to you and your take on the world.”

You can subscribe to The Week Unwrapped and hear its take on the world every Friday morning using the links below:

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