Ad Specs

Please click the link here to view Dennis’ latest advertising specs. The website gives a comprehensive break down of all our ad types across our different sites and the specifications that go with them.



These guidelines conform to those set out by the IAB. If you have creative that falls outside our guidelines, please contact our ad-operations team.

Late Creative Policy

Demand for advertising space last year was at its highest ever level and is set to continue to rise. In order to manage our inventory effectively and make sure campaigns run on schedule, it is crucial for us to receive and be able to test creative within our designated time frames.

We hope from your prospect this will also ensure that clients and creative agencies supply yourselves with the correct assets in good time, meaning that the campaign from conception through to delivery is carried out in the most effective way.

With this in mind, since 2005 we have adhered to the AOP/IAB paper on ‘late creative’.  Any creative submitted past our lead times will incur charges. Charges will be made for creative received after 12 noon, the day before the campaign is due to go live.

Impressions will be deducted from the total campaign in line with the number of days late.  For example a 100k banners booked for 1 month with creative supplied 2 days late would be calculated as follows: 100k/31 days = 3,226 impressions p/day x 2 days late = 6,451 impressions deducted.

Late creative features in our terms and conditions. Our lead times remain the same, in line with industry standards, and range from 3 to 5 working days depending on format.

We as online publishers continue to strive to provide the best client service and it is hoped that these guidelines will provide the foundation for efficient and effective practice.

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