AUTO BILD and AUTO EXPRESS international licensing partnership

Published at, 8th October 2019

Brilliantly Different, Together: The UK and Germany’s Leading Motoring Magazines Join Forces

In a sector-first, Axel Springer’s AUTO BILD will join international licensing forces with its license partner Dennis’ AUTO EXPRESS to develop a new and innovative content package to the global media market.

Despite each respectively being at the forefront of industry innovation, German and UK automotive markets are very different. However, in merging the two countries’ most positive outlooks and expertise, Axel Springer and Dennis Publishing are looking to create a new driving force in automotive content delivery.

Axel Springer and Dennis have been partners since 1996 and are excited to blend their unique perspectives, knowledge and reach through this new international licensing deal, in order to ensure more exclusive and engaging coverage than ever before. “The licensing landscape is constantly changing, and we knew we had to evolve with it,” said Carlotta Serantoni, Senior Group Licensing Manager at Dennis. “This project will ensure that we can become a one-stop shop for the best automotive content that this continent has to offer – a new and innovative frontier for know-how and insight in the automotive industry.”

“We’ll be making use of each other’s extensive test competencies, strong continental credibility and huge brand trust to offer a great variety of automotive content and insight as we move forward from Germany and England to the rest of the world in this exclusive content package deal,” added Christin Keil, Licensing Manager for the media group Auto, Computer and Sport at Axel Springer.

The significance of the collaboration is epitomised by both companies’ current reputation and reach. Axel Springer’s AUTO BILD is Europe’s biggest car magazine at present, evolving since 1986 to currently enjoy more than 10 million unique users a month via its website,

Meanwhile, AUTO EXPRESS launched in 1996 as a license from AUTO BILD to become the UK’s leading title for car news and reviews; similarly developing in line with the industry’s transition from print to digital.

Keil continued: “AUTO BILD and AUTO EXPRESS are the key brands in this space to consistently and reliably provide in-depth coverage across all elements of the entire car ownership experience.

As the partnership between Axel Springer and Dennis accelerates into new international domains, an ever-increasing readership will enjoy more than 1,000 engaging features, 80 new product tests each year, 700 car tests each year, 7,000 archived videos, 7,00 new yearly videos, 290,000 archive AUTO BILD images and more.

“These two brands are symbols of authority, quality journalism and excellence in the motoring world, and by combining the content powers of Axel Springer and Dennis Publishing we’re able to take this wealth of information to the next level,” Serantoni concluded. “We are hugely excited and proud to work with our long-time partners and one of Europe’s biggest media publishing company in this unique example of publishing, journalism and licensing collaboration.”

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