Big Issue magazine records circulation lift for third consecutive year

Published at, 15th February 2018


The Big Issue, the magazine sold on the streets by people affected by poverty, has recorded a lift in the number of copies sold for the third year in a row.

The magazine now sells 83,073 copies every week.

The latest figure, released today by the Audited Bureau of Circulation (ABC), covers the period from January-December 2017, represents a 1% INCREASE on the previous year, and marks the THIRD consecutive year of growth in the magazines sales. It also means that Big Issue sales have increased to their highest since 2012 – a 7% increase in three years.

The Big Issue’s Editor, Paul McNamee, said: “The Big Issue is totally unique. We exist to give the poorest in society, those who may feel society has left them behind, a means to earn a living and pull themselves back up. It’s a community – of vendors, of readers and supporters, of staff. We’re woven into the fabric of Britain’s high streets and in its hearts and minds. It’s incredible that this sense of identity continues to grow, in our 27th year of existence. It’s wonderful that our readers have stayed with us, that they have found the words, and the identity and the attitude they love in the pages we produce. It’s testament to the incredible work of everybody in the organisation.

So long as we are needed, we will be here. And we’ll continue to work to buck all received notions of what people will pay. We’ll continue to produce quality, must-read journalism. On we go.”

Russell Blackman, The Big Issue’s Managing Director of Publishing & Business Development said; “The latest ABC figure is testament to the hard-work of our talented and award-winning editorial team who produce a great read, week in, week out. However it’s also reflective of the difficulties and challenges that befall an increasing number in our society. The Big Issue is here to meet that need, both by providing anyone who needs it with the opportunity to earn an income, and also by using our distinctive editorial voice and campaigning agenda to push for positive change.”

Launched as a business solution to a social problem, sales of the magazine are also seen to provide a barometer for levels of povety. Indeed according to official figures, the number of people rough sleeping in England has risen for the seventh consecutive year in a row, There were 4,751 people counted or estimated to be bedding down outside in autumn 2017, a 15% rise on the year before and more than double the figure recorded five years ago.

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