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Kiplinger’s Personal Finance is its flagship publication, one of two remaining large-circulation magazines in this important field with a rate base of nearly 900,000 subscribers. It provides advice on investing, retirement planning, choosing the best broker, bank, credit card or financial advisor, as well as advice on saving for major purchases and paying for college.

The weekly business and economic forecasting The Kiplinger Letter, a business and economic forecasting periodical for people in management, and our fast-growing website, Kiplinger.com, attracts 4.5 million unique visits and 30 million page views per month make our brands the go to in the US for personal finance advice. 

The complete portfolio is made up of the following assets: 

  • The Kiplinger Letter + Kiplinger Alerts
  • The Kiplinger Tax Letter
  • Kiplinger’s Investing for Income
  • Kiplinger’s Retirement Report + Retirement Planning Guide
  • Kiplinger.com 
  • Custom Content Publishing

Other product extensions include alerts, webinars, special reports, events and partnerships. 

Our fast-growing website attracts 4.5 million unique visits and 30 million page views per month.