The Week is the perfect antidote to modern media’s overkill. Its appeal is completely different from any other mainstream media. It seeks to simplify and explain the world, providing context and clarity to complex issues.

Globally, The Week is one of the fastest growing print magazines of the last decade. The print magazine’s success has been recently matched by the rapid growth of its award winning digital editions and daily news websites, and and its digital advertising growth.

  • 74% of our readers do not read a daily newspaper (NRS)
  • Our daily news site, reaches 2.1m global unique users per month
  • The Week has won a range of awards including Consumer Magazine of the Year in 2012 and 2015
  • The Week Junior, The Week’s first paid for print extension launched in 2015, aimed at smart and curious 8-14 year olds 
  • 50% male, 50% female readership. 69% AB profile. The readership core is aged between 35-54, at the peak of their profession and earning power