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The modern British man is under increasing pressure in every aspect of his life – Men’s Fitness is here to make his life easier. Just because more information than ever is available online, it doesn’t mean that this information is any good. British men still want advice that will have a major positive impact on their career, their relationships and their physical performance and they want it from a respected authority they can trust in an expertly-designed monthly package. That’s why they come to us.

  • Updates – Our opening section gives our readers a fast-paced update on the latest fitness, nutrition and health news
  • Personal Best – The lifestyle section of the magazine features interviews with elite sportsmen where we explore what makes them winners and how the average guy can learn from their ability to prepare, focus on and execute strategies for success
  • Features – Packed with positive, inspiring and exclusive advice from top celebrities and the world’s foremost experts in fitness, nutrition and health to give readers all the skills they need to living a more successful, action-packed life
  • Fuel – The complete guide to nutrition
  • Trainer – Our core workout section covers all aspects of training, from weights resistance training to cardio disciplines including running, cycling and swimming