Celebrating 40 years of VIZ with a brand new card game, HONK MY HORN

Published at, 29th November 2019

-Test your swearing knowledge with 300 cards and a Honkmaster 2000 car horn!

-Available now from viz.co.uk

To celebrate its 40th anniversary of disgracing Britain’s newsagents’ shelves, the team behind Viz comic (Britain’s third or fourth funniest magazine) have launched a brand new card game, Honk My Horn

We all know that swearing isn’t big and it isn’t clever, but it is fun. Honk My Horn is based on Roger’s Profanisaurus, the best selling swearing dictionary from Viz. The game brings fun for all the family (except those under the age of 18 and people who say “tinkle” instead of piss) with 300 cards and a Honkmaster 2000 car horn. The playing cards each feature 3 definitions from the Profanisaurus, each with a common word blanked out. The players take it in turns to read the definitions, replacing the word with a blast on the car horn included in the set. The other players use their knowledge of bad language to guess the missing word. A correct guess wins the card, and failure means the reader retains it. 

Honk My Horn enables you to test your own swearing knowledge as well as challenge others on their profanity prowess. The winner is the person with the most cards at the end of the game, or when it’s time to go to the pub!  

Writer and cartoonist of Viz, Graham Dury, said “It’s a game of skill, strategy and swearing. But mainly swearing. And not much skill or strategy. Please remember, swearing isn’t big and isn’t clever.”

Honk My Horn is on sale now for £24.99 (RRP), available to order from viz.co.uk

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