Dennis Automotive’s £1 million #GetBritainMovingAgain campaign

Published at, 15th July 2020

With factories and car showrooms closing in the middle of March and marketing budgets slashed, Dennis Automotive recognised the importance of supporting the industry that it loves – and it responded by launching the #GetBritainMovingAgain campaign. 

The initiative’s aim was to raise awareness of the cars and offers available to consumers as manufacturers and dealers started to think about re-opening, so they could have a customer base to return to. 

Dennis Automotive’s market-leading brands – including Auto Express, evo, Carbuyer and DrivingElectric – made advertising space across print, digital and social platforms available to manufacturers free of charge during the month of May. The adverts all featured the #GetBritainMovingAgain campaign logo, while existing advertisers were offered the chance to amplify their messages at no extra cost. In total, advertising space worth more than £1 million was offered out to the industry.

Editorial Director of Dennis Automotive, Steve Fowler, commented: “The UK car industry is worth more than £80 billion and employs more than  800,000 people, many of whom have been badly affected emotionally and financially during this crisis.

“We wanted to do something to support the industry and everyone who works in it by raising awareness of the incredible cars and the incredible deals that were out there as and when the time was right to go car shopping once more.”

Car makers were approached by Dennis Automotive’s sales team, offering them advertising space but this time without asking for any payment. The campaign was a huge success with all of the available inventory snapped up. Campaigns ran for a variety of brands including BMW, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Polestar and Mazda.

Post campaign results have been really impressive, with consumer engagement levels particularly high. Of those that were exposed to the campaign through either print or digital 71% could remember seeing the ads, and nearly 50% had checked to see when their local dealer would be opening again. Furthermore, 71% who saw a digital ad had watched an online car review video and nearly 40% had used an online configurator. 

#GetBritainMovingAgain proved that advertising with trusted brands is a great way to raise awareness with your target market and amplify your message to audiences both digitally and in print.

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