Dennis’ Commercial Design Team Wins Three MUSE Creative Awards

Published at, 6th September 2021

Dennis’ commercial design team has won in three categories at this year’s MUSE Creative Awards, including Platinum for the Model Discovery Unit Immersive Format in the Auto  Branded Content category. 

Taking in 4876 entries from all over the world in both the MUSE Creative Awards and the MUSE Design Awards, the competition has demonstrated itself to be one of the leading programs in honoring excellent individuals in the creative and design fields.

Dennis’ full list of winning entries is:

Branded Content – Auto & Auto Services
Model Discover Unit Immersive Format – PLATINUM 

Advertising Week Europe Guide & 2021 Trend Report – GOLD 

Interactive Brand Experience 
Kiplinger Phase 1 – SILVER 

With 46 jurors onboarding from 25 countries, the awards ensure that a diverse panel of qualified professionals are adjudicating the competition. Every entry is assessed based on relevant standards pertaining to their respective industries in order to ensure impartiality. 

The full list of winners can be found online at: 


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