Dennis Current Affairs Portfolio shows strong and sustained ABC increases

Published at, 15th February 2018
  • Dennis portfolio reports 2% YOY print increase and 1% combined increase
  • The Week Junior continues its astronomical growth to 48,017 circulation
  • New Dennis acquisition MoneyWeek shows continued print growth with strong ABC of 46,081
  • The Week solidifies its position with 241,417 combined ABC


London, 15th February 2018: Dennis today reports a strong ABC performance across its current affairs titles The Week, The Week Junior and MoneyWeek, for the July to December 2017 period.

  • The Week Junior grew its print circulation with a rise of 4.6% POP to 48,017 ABC, with over 37,000 paid-subscribers.

The Week Junior is setting new records for rapid subscription growth. Its rapid growth saw three audits in 2017. The first for Jan-March period showed a  strong debut ABC of 37,640, the April-June 2017 period saw the the title grow again by 21.9% to 45,895. The magazine has demonstrated  continued  growth in this Jul-Dec 2017 period, showing an ABC increase of 4.6% to 48,017. Single copy subscriptions hit 40,306.  

  • Steady sales at MoneyWeek with market beating ABC of 46,081 – up 0.3% POP.

MoneyWeek continued its top billing as  the UK’s best-selling financial magazine. Since Dennis acquired the title in July 2017, it has shown a steady increase in circulation with an average POP rise this quarter of 0.3%. With 44,111 UK subscribers, MoneyWeek is a vital component of the Dennis current affairs pillar.

  • Dennis’ flagship title The Week reports print circulation increase of 0.3% POP and paid-for digital circulation growth of 5.5% to 38,800.   

James Tye, Chief Executive, Dennis said “I’m pleased to see continued print and digital growth in the Dennis Current Affairs portfolio. The Week continues to dominate the current affairs marketplace with its ever increasing portfolio of brands. The Week Junior has shown  extraordinary  growth since launch with a 48,015 ABC.  Its rise, almost all subscription driven, is truly remarkable. MoneyWeek has proved a perfect addition to the growing current affairs portfolio, and these circulation increases further cement Dennis as the leader in the sector.”

  • Dennis ABC Headlines

-In its 39th year, Viz  maintains its market presence and loyal subscribers continue to grow.

The award winning Dennis subscriptions team has ensured that Viz  single copy subscription sales have risen from 15,484 to 15,644, with  a 1% subscription increase year on year.

-Fortean Times bucks ABC trend with slow ABC decline of only 266 copies YOY

– PC Pro maintains circulation of 22,056, despite tough market conditions in sector


    Magazine ABC Results – Jul-Dec 2017

*The Week headline is an aggregate of print circulation and digital publication ABC certificate results


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