Dennis Publishing Uses its Nowse to Disrupt Demand Generation

Published at, 23rd January 2020

New Look Demand Generation Will Combine Editorial Credibility, Customer Data and AI Technology

 Brilliantly different Dennis Publishing is launching Nowse, its next level Demand Generation service. Nowse enables brands to connect with their online audiences at the right time, in the right place, and, crucially, in the right context to identify and then convert potential new buyers. It’s the future of publishing from the people who’ve always pushed the boundaries.

Traditional lead and demand generation techniques are broken. Brands and the audiences they serve are not getting a good deal. Too much focus on quantity of leads at the expense of quality is resulting in poor customer experiences, lost opportunities, and escalating costs. Nowse focuses on the overall customer journey by helping brands to nurture and influence potential customers where they are already consuming content and looking for information, leading to more engaged, informed, and predisposed customer prospects.

Nowse brings together Dennis’ editorial credibility, rich customer data, and leading technology, including AI, to offer a new approach to demand generation. The Nowse offering encompasses:

  • A data platform built around a unified customer view
  • An integrated suite of demand-marketing solutions
  • Creative services delivering cut-through thinking, ideas and content 
  • Demand marketing expertise via a team of experienced practitioners

Nowse covers all existing Dennis properties including The Week, IT PRO, Auto Express and Money Week, initially with a focus on the Automotive, IT B2B and Financial Services sectors. This breadth gives an in-depth understanding of audiences: what they’re interested in; how they’re looking for information on the products and services that they’re intending to buy; and what, how and when they’ll actually purchase. Nowse uses these insights to stimulate and grow demand beyond merely capturing it.

Nowse MD, John Webb, says; “This is more than simply finding people; it’s about moving them: from apathy to action, from preference to purchase, from another brand to yours”. He continues, “Nowse is a more effective, customer-centred approach to demand generation. Beyond simply identifying and classifying leads, Nowse enables brands to understand, engage with, persuade, and move audiences.”

To support the Nowse business, Dennis are building out their teams in both the UK and North America. As part of the launch, Dennis is also announcing the appointment of Amanda Oliveri as Vice President North America for Nowse. Amanda joins with considerable experience in the demand generation field having previously held the position of Vice President Sales, North American at Spiceworks, as well as prior senior leaderships roles at UBM Tech and Rohn Rogers.

Amanda Oliveri comments, “I’m delighted to be joining Dennis at this time and to be part of the launch team for Nowse. Nowse represents a compelling opportunity for brands to change the way that they generate demand for their products and services, delivering more valuable experiences for their customers all the way through their buying journeys.”


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