Since the early days of the business, Dennis has had licensing and syndication at the core of its international strategy. Whilst other media owners have see-sawed between setting up licensing programs and then developing wholly owned subsidiaries, Dennis has always held the belief that licensing our brands and syndicating our content should be at the very centre of how we internationalise our business.

Over the last 12 years we have developed relationships with over 50 companies in 40 countries and now have over 100 contracts running across the world. Whilst this still represents a significant proportion of our business, we are always developing new ways that clients can license our brands to benefit their businesses. In recent years, an area which has proven to be hugely successful is Endorsement Licensing.  

So, if you have received a positive review or one of our prestigious awards across any of our brands then we can help you make the most of these in your marketing plans – from international TV campaigns to using on your brand website, we have Endorsement Licensing packages to suit all needs. To discuss this further please contact us here


Over the years we have focussed on simplifying the process of licensing and syndication whilst at the same time supporting our partners in the following ways:

  • We have a collaborative approach to helping clients build a brand in their territory.
  • By providing market-leading and award-winning brands with high-quality editorial, photography and video content.
  • We pride ourselves on timely and proactive customer service.
  • We offer multiple platform options for licensing and syndication; our content is truly usable across any platform.
  • We advise on effective brand marketing and on how partners can make their products stand out from the rest.
  • Our senior editors and brand directors across the business give active support to our partners.
  • We offer content on commission and bespoke content across the world.
  • Our consultancy on new business plans is key in helping partners be successful from the start.
  • We continuously evaluate new opportunities across the world.

Importantly, we have a dedicated and professional account management team based in London. The licensing team manages the business by territory to ensure that our understanding of your business is as good as it possibly can be, whilst the syndication team manages the business by brand, giving you in-depth knowledge of what content is right for your territory.


We have a catalogue of bookazines on a variety of topics, click here to view.


Ian Bedwell, Licensing & IP Director – or +44(0)20 3890 3909

Carlotta Serantoni, Senior Group Licensing Manager – or +44(0)203 890 3840

Nicole Creasey, Licensing Content Manager – or +44(0)203 890 3998

Simon Flavin, Endorsement Licensing Manager – or +44(0)203 890 4027

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