The Week Junior To Host Session At MediaCom’s Transformation Week

Published at, 29th October 2020

As part of MediaCom’s Transformation Week 2020, the team behind Dennis Publishing’s award-winning children’s magazine, The Week Junior, are hosting a discussion on the growing influence of young people.

Research Director, Seema Hope will be talking to The Week Junior’s Editor-in-chief, Anna Bassi on how Generation Alpha’s opinions and passions are impacting the purchasing and lifestyle decisions of their parents; the effect of the pandemic on this cohort and their families; how The Week Junior has evolved to reflect the views of its readers; and how the editorial team handles hot topics such as diversity and inclusion.

The Week Junior is a multi award-winning magazine aimed at curious and smart 8-14 year olds who want to make sense of the world around them. Launched in November 2015 it now boasts over 95,000 weekly subscribers and is the UK’s fastest growing children’s subscription magazine. 

Seema Hope, Research Director at Dennis said: “Research shows that children are having more and more influence on their parent’s buying decisions, whether that’s something small like where to buy their food, or much bigger ticket items like more environmentally friendly cars. We’ll be discussing where this influence has come from, and what role magazine like The Week Junior play in facilitating children understanding the facts in order to help shape their outlook on life.” 

The session takes place online on Wednesday 4th November via Zoom, and is free to attend. Anyone wishing to join the session can do so by signing up with this link: 

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