Published at, 1st November 2020

Applications Now Open to Students 8-14 Who Want Their Voices Heard and Ideas Published

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 21, 2020: The Week Junior, the only weekly newsmagazine delivering news and current affairs directly to kids, is launching a national search for 12 of Generation Alpha’s most passionate, vocal young leaders to join Junior Council, a kid collective designed to empower the next generation of trailblazers to speak out on the causes that matter most to them. Applications to join Junior Council are open to students ages 8-14 and are being accepted at now through November 13.

Gen Alpha is passionate about using their voices when it comes to the issues they care about. In fact, a September survey of more than 700 US students ages 8-14, conducted by The Week Junior and YouGov, found that 84% of kids ages 8-14 wish adults listened more to what kids have to say, 78% believe that their actions can make a positive difference in the world, and 81% want to inspire kids to make positive changes. The launch of Junior Council will enable them to do just that.

“This generation of children is passionate and informed about today’s issues. They want to be heard, and they want to be a part of shaping our nation’s future,” said Andrea Barbalich, Editor-in-Chief of The Week Junior. “Junior Council will give some of these amazing kids the opportunity to share their views, be a voice on behalf of their peers, engage in healthy debate, and learn how to use their words and ideas to make a real impact.”

Beginning in January 2021, the 12 students selected for Junior Council will meet virtually with The Week Junior editors and a panel of mentors on a bimonthly basis to dive into the issues of the day, engage in debate, and ultimately work on creating content for The Week Junior magazine.

Applications for the hands-on learning experience are due by November 13 and can be completed here. Junior Council applicants will be judged on the originality of their ideas, the strength of their writing, and the passion they express in their applications. Finalists will be contacted in December, and the spring semester of Junior Council will kick off in January.

For more information about applying and official rules, terms, and conditions, visit or email

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