Video Production

What is the opportunity?
Video online is undoubtedly one of the main success stories of the last decade in online media and a vital reason behind why consumers use the internet. Video online is proven to increase engagement times with readers and customers and this increased engagement leads to improved purchasing rates.

Some of the worlds biggest brands are now increasingly reliant on online video content for their websites and Dennis Publishing has positioned itself to help provide this content.

What are the benefits?
The Dennis Film Team is now established as the UK’s leading film team for video for internet usage. They have been building their experience for over four years and their portfolio of work has grown rapidly. They are responsible for all video on websites such as and iMotor magazine plus digital magazines such as WaitroseLIVE and iGizmo.

The team comprises the Director, four full-time cameramen and a graphic designer. They have extensive experience shooting on location across a wide range of topics, as well as producing high volume, quality films for motoring, fashion and FMCG brands. They also have their own in-house studio with green screen plus the latest high spec equipment for digital production.

How can I use it?
Outsourcing video content to Dennis Film means that you can benefit from:
•    Our experience in working for major brands over a number of years and learning what works.
•    Our capital investment means that you can benefit from the most up to date technology producing the highest quality end product.
•    Our economies of scale mean that we can produce very effective video for you purely because we have the sheer volume of work to bring down the unit costs.

What makes Dennis Film different?
The experience of working for our consumer media brands combined with our work on contract for major blue chip brands is unique in the market. We have also come from an online background rather than traditional TV which gives us a focus on internet video.

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Video Manager
Sarah Hunt
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