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THE WEEK provides smart, busy people with all they need to know about everything that matters by curating, distilling, and contextualizing the best writing and thinking, from hundreds of well-regarded sources. THE WEEK doesn't just tell you what happened, but also what it means and what comes next, offering intellectually curious readers sharp insights into what's driving the national and global conversation - anytime, anywhere, on any platform.



Launched in the US in 2001, THE WEEK magazine curates the most incisive perspectives and strongest writing from across the mediascape to provide our audience of time-pressed thought leaders with a deeper understanding. THE WEEK informs while it also entertains, providing all you need to know about everything that matters from foreign policy to film.

“If the big issues of the world didn’t have to be debated, you wouldn’t need The Week.”

Bill Falk, Editor-in-chief, THE WEEK, US

Our high engagement, unduplicated within our competitive set, provides an unparalleled environment for advertisers.

  • Of all 177 publications measured in the U.S., THE WEEK is the #1 “must-read” 
  • 568,000 subscribers
  • Reaches over 1.7 million thought leaders every week
  • 54% Male / 46% Female
  • Median Age: 52
  • Median HHI: $165,600
  • Business Leaders: 29% C-Level Executives
  • Highly Educated: 54% Post Graduate



Readers of get smarter, faster with the web's best curated, offering of big news, insightful analysis, and sharp opinions on the most interesting and important things in our world. is more than just a curator, our mix of well-respected columnists, from across the ideological spectrum, contribute to the conversations that matter most and are cited and shared amongst thought leaders in the Twittersphere.

“The internet is a hyper-partisan, fast-paced, increasingly noisy and often-confusing place. Smart, busy people need a fair and authoritative filter to help determine what’s important and what they can safely ignore.”

Ben Frumin, Editor-in-chief

  • 5.7 MM monthly unique visitors
  • 61% Male / 39% Female
  • Median Age: 44
  • Median HHI: $82,637




 Appealing to the millennial generation with the perfect blend of the utility of education and joy of entertainment, mental_floss is where knowledge junkies get their fix—a community for curious minds.


Launched in the US in 2001, mental_floss, the magazine of and for the millennial generation, sheds light on everything from black holes to the Dead Sea scrolls, peppering intelligence with irreverence to deliver pure addictive fun.

Reaching the millennial influencer:

  • 150,000 subscribers
  • 57% Male / 43% Female
  • Median Age: 33
  • Median HHI: $90,000
  • Highly Educated: 45% Post Graduate Degree
  • Finalist: 2013 ASME General Excellence


MENTAL_FLOSS.COM provides a diversion from the daily grind for active minds. From addictive quizzes to amazing facts, mental_floss is where today’s knowledge junkies get their daily fix in one entertaining stop.

Unparalleled engagement with the millennial influencer

  • 11m Monthly unique visitors
  • 54% Male / 46% Female
  • Median Age: 33
  • Average HHI: $76,615
  • Winner 2013 Webby
  • 821,000 YouTube channel subscribers
  • 1.1M average views per video on YouTube channel
  • #1 in Mashable’s list of “Twitter Feeds That Will Make You Smarter