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Dennis Publishing invests in tech start-up Contentment


London, February 2013: Dennis Publishing can today announce its investment in Contentment, a tech start-up dedicated to creating multi-platform publishing and production tools.


Contentment, which launched in 2012, aims to help publishers of digital magazines and ebooks prepare content for delivery across multiple platforms and devices. Its flagship product, Padify, is a cloud-hosted product for publishers that simplifies the creation of digital magazines and content-based apps. This revolutionary tool enables designers to create layouts that work across phones and tablets, with a range of interactive features. Content produced in Padify can be rotated with the device and allows social sharing, bookmarking and text copying.


Dennis is the second investor in Contentment, and will be a minority stakeholder in the business. The investment has been managed by Dennis Enterprise, Dennis Publishing’s entrepreneurial arm and will solidify Dennis Publishing’s dedication to being at the very cutting edge of digital publishing.


Martin Belson, MD of Dennis Enterprise, said: “Publishing to smartphones and tablets is an important opportunity for Dennis, but it’s also a hugely challenging one. Customers are increasingly demanding seamless services that work across every device they own. To be successful, titles need to be scalable across a wide range of devices and sustainable for the business in terms of time, effort and technology. Contentment has found a solution to this in Padify, and although it’s still early days, we have high hopes that it will enable us to be more creative with the content of our own apps. We’re looking forward to working with Contentment on our own app portfolio as well as helping Contentment to break into new areas of digital content production.”


Men’s Fitness is the first of Dennis’ titles to feature content designed with Padify. Its success has been phenomenal with over 36,000 downloads since launch last month, serving over 80,000 issues in that time.


Michael Kowalski, Founder and Director of Contentment, said: “We are very excited to be working closely with Dennis Publishing, who have already proven themselves to be a leader in mobile publishing. Dennis has a keen understanding of the problems facing magazine publishers in a rapidly changing market. They’ve been through the trenches, they know what works and what doesn’t, and it is a huge endorsement of our approach to be chosen as their technology partner.”



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